Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Toddler Times! 2nd Edition

Welcome back to The Toddler Times! This week, I'm going to share another simple sensory activity.  Sometimes the activities are thrown together at the last minute, like this one.  See below.

What did I find lying around the house? Easter grass!  I thought that it would be interesting to see what he would do with a pile of it.

Pulling the strands one by one and then moving it to different areas on the tray was fun for a bit.

Until.... He wanted out of his seat so he could explore elsewhere!

So, this is Mom's idea of sensory play.  Would you like to see Little Man's idea?

Hmmm.  Be sure to see what is going on when it gets just a little too quiet in the house!  

Sisters- watching TV instead of little brother. 
Little brother- sitting on the floor pulling a tape apart.
Was I angry at the sight of this- of course not- he was trying to figure things out- what happens if I turn this, what if I pull this, how much of this awesome stuff is in here?  He was exploring and discovering. He was doing science? How could I be mad?  

Why sensory play?  Be sure to read this awesome article written by Amanda Morgan at  www.notjustcute.com.

Have a wonderful day with your little ones!  I'm off to camp to do puppet shows for a bunch of enthusiastic campers!



Crisc said...

Goodness I haven't seen a cassette tape in ages..haha Hope it wasn't one of your favs. Great activity he's getting so big!

himadri said...

nice activities..thanks for the notjustcute article..it was quite educating

Unknown said...

Adorable kids! I am a new fan from Bloggy Moms.



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