Friday, June 17, 2011

Shoe Bop!!

What girl doesn't love shoes?  I knew right away when I saw the title to this book, that my girls would go ga ga over it, especially Peanut!  
When the main character's  purple tennis shoes fall apart, she has a very big decision to make. What shoes shall she buy today? Cowboy boots, or rain boots, ballet slippers, or saddle shoes?  This delightful story is written in poetry form with such delightful illustrations.
"This winning read-aloud offers adorable candy-colored illustrations and splendidly catchy poems, from odes to haikus to rhyming couplets, celebrating young fans of fabulous footwear." 
Shoe Bop is written by Marilyn Singer and illustrated by Hiroe Nakata. Such a clever book- love it!

Literature Links/Fun Activities
1. Study the history of Shoes!
Egyptian Shoes, History of Shoes,SHOE INFO NET
2. Design your own shoes: High Top , Shoe Coloring Pages
3. Flip Flop Fun: Family Fun-Fluffy Flip Flops (that's a whole lot of f's- a tongue twister for ya!) and Fancy Footwear
4. Match the Shoes: Print out shoe clip art (2 of each) and create a matching game
5. Hide the Shoes: hide pictures of shoes or actual shoes and go on a shoe hunt- silly, but fun!

Okay, I'm all Shoed out!  Be sure to share your Shoe related ideas! Love hearing from my readers and followers.

Below- the shoes that I put on to clean the house. 
He, He!  Sorry I had to post these when I came across them in my hunt for shoe activities.  Too funny.  How does a woman actually walk in a pair of shoes like this? No way- not this Momma!


Disclaimer: I wasn't compensated for the above review in any way- my opinion- yours may differ. :)


Christy Killoran said...

My daughter is a shoe fanatic. I'll have to look for this book! Yikes about those last shoes!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Sounds like a super cute book! I will look for it too! Thanks for the link to the activities too! Have a good weekend Jen!


Unknown said...

Love the shoe theme idea! That sounds like a cute book!

Miss Lisa said...

I love this book! I'm with you...who buys those pink shoes, let alone wear them??? I will have to add this book to my collection :] Thanks for sharing!

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