Thursday, June 30, 2011

Once There Was a Crayon...

Once there was crayon
Who lived in a store
All the crayons didn't like him
He was to ignore.
They thought he was dull
And plain and rude.
Poor litle crayon,
He will not be my dude.

Written by Peanut (age 7)

Peanut loves, loves, loves to write.  It can be lists, stories, non-fiction.  It doesn't matter.  As long as paper and a pencil are around- she is happy.  Recently, she has been interested in writing poems.  Here is one of here lastest works that made me chuckle.  I was impressed by some of the vocabulary as well-words like ignore and dull.

Here are just a few suggestions on ways to encourage writing...
-Be sure to have writing supplies readily available.
-For beginning writers, encourage inventing spelling.  They will learn proper spelling later.  The goal is to get them writing and to get ideas on paper!  :)
-Publish your child's work- type for them if needed and bind in a book.  Let them illustrate the pages.  (Binding can be as simple as tying together with string or putting in a binder with plastic sheets.)
-Have a little writing center in your house that includes story starter pages, colorful paper, lined paper, blank paper, crayons, colored pencils, etc. 
-You can find story starters and cute writing paper online.  I actually found a cute story starter book at the dollar store! (If you need any suggestions, just email me.)
-Be sure to talk about the author and illustrator of the books that you read.
-Enter writing contests such as PBS's young writers contest.
-Read silly poetry and write poems together.
-Let your children help you write your grocery or to do list, etc.

Enjoy your day being CREATIVE!!!

1 comment:

Melissa Taylor said...

fantastic ideas! especially about invented spelling - we don't want kids to sacrifice fluency for spelling at a young age!

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