Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Toddler Times! 1st Edition

The Baby Times has now become The Toddler Times!  Why?.... because my baby is a toddler now...sob, sob.  Every Tuesday I am going to try to post toddler related themes and ways that we can enrich our toddler's lives together. This week's issue focuses on a simple and inexpensive sensory activity.

During our last Target trip,Sunshine girl asked me to buy pom poms for her for her crafts, well little man thought they were for him!

I thought- okay as long as I'm here and he doesn't try to eat them, why not let him play. What a great tactile activity. So I got two containers and filled one with the pom poms.  He then started transferring them from one container to the other.  Next, I sorted them by color.  Little Man only tried to put them in his mouth once. So colorful and round- he probably wondered if it was candy in the bowl!   I called them balls, which he understands is a toy and he didn't try to eat them again.  

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What ideas do you have for play with Pom Poms?

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D+B said...

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