Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's Alive!!

You never know what my kids are going to be interested in... Well, recently Peanut discovered carnivorous plants in a book that she was reading and thought they were the coolest!  With excitement, she read about each plant and it's unsuspecting prey.  So when I recently came across a carnivorous growing plant kit, you know I had to buy it.  (and at 1/2 off- I thought it was steal!)  I found my kit at CVS, but they do have them online as well. 

"This deluxe edition has seeds from over ten kinds of carnivorous plants - including Venus Fly Trap, Sundew Plant, Hooded Pitcher Plant, Purple Pitcher Plant and many others. Watch as these fascinating plants grow into bug-eating monsters right before your very eyes."

 Here are just a few of the plants that we will have fun growing.................

The Pitcher Plant

Watch out for this guy, he has a pitfall trap!

This Sundew Plant may look like pretty fireworks to us, but to flying insect that come near- probably not so pretty!

Venus Fly Trap

Waits just for the right moment to get his meal! Chomp!

The above photos and more fun facts can be found at

Well, Sunshine is a little anxious to feed her new friends!

"What is in your hand?"
"Food for our plants?"  
"What plants?"
"Our carnivorous plants,Mom."
"You have a fly in your hand, don't you? Let it go."
"Mom, they'll need to eat."
"Honey, first they need to grow. Then we will worry about food. Let the fly go and wash your hands, please!"

Can you believe she caught that fly with her bare hands? Pretty cool, but ..Yuck! 
This project should be... well, interesting in the least! 

More resources for learning:
Chomp! Meat- Eating Plants(National Geographic)
Botanical Society of America

If you want to join in on some carnivorous fun or if you already are the proud owner of one of these plants, I'd love to hear from you!
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