Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Reading

Every summer we participate in summer reading at our local library.  The kids are challenged to read every day.  This year, they are encouraged to read for 1,000 minutes!  We attended a fun kick-off party at our library.  The theme this year is water. The kids made mermaids and other sea creatures with their hand and foot prints.  They also created creatures from coffee filters and ink.  At the end of the summer, the kids can turn in earned tickets for a Chinese auction. 

This year, we also attended a summer reading kick-off at Barnes and Noble.  The girls enjoyed a scavenger hunt, book talk, and crafts.  For this program, they will receive a free book after they read 8 books.  I'm encouraging them to read more challenging books for this program.

PBS Kids is partnering with ivillage for a Summer Readers Challenge.  Thanks Chels from Fantastic Find for posting information about this program.  It starts on July 5th.  This is a four week program. You will receive daily emails with tips for making reading fun for your child. 

No Time for Flash Cards has also been running her own summer reading program.  She has a weekly drawing for participants. They've read a total of 5,000 books so far- way to go!! 

Are you involved in any reading programs? What fun books are your children reading this summer? This week, my kids enjoyed the following:

The Gingerbread Girl
(Picture Book)
The Gingerbread Girl   [GINGERBREAD GIRL] [Hardcover]
Peanut (age 6)
What happens when the Gingerbread Girl runs away? Does she follow in her brother's footsteps?  You'll have to read to find out if she can outsmart the devious fox! 

Frindle by Andrew Clements
(Chapter Book)
Sunshine (age 8)
I absolutely love this book and couldn't wait to share it with Sunshine.  The creative main character is spunky and often challenges his teachers.  I think that I could relate to the book, because he reminded me of some of my gifted students.  Sunshine couldn't put this book down and asked me if she could start calling a pen a "frindle".

Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!
by Sandra Boynton
(Board Book)
Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! (Boynton on Board)
Little Man (age 6 months)
It has been such a joy reading Sandra Boynton's books to my little guy.  They are so funny and he enjoys looking at the pictures and hearing the patterns in her books.

Hope to hear about your reading adventures!!  Happy Summer Reading!



Preschool Playbook said...

It's so wonderful you have readers. Our children are required to read books over the summer now, they are even tested when they get back to school. You would think I was asking them to "clean out the barn," when I ask them how their books are coming. The six year old still loves to read. I don't know what I did wrong. I always loved to read, read to them often, but the trait just didn't pass along. Oh well, maybe they'll enjoy it more in a few years.

Have a happy reading summer.

Unknown said...

We love Sandra Boynton too! My four year old has rediscovered them lately because he can "read" them to our little one all by himself.

Jen said...

I found this with my oldest as well. She would rather do crafts or be active instead of read. She doesn't just pick up a book, but if I give them what we call "free reading time", she'll read chapter books and enjoy them. They feel like they are getting extra time to stay up later. They still love to be read to by Mom or Dad as well. My youngest is reading often because she is sooo excited about her new ability. She also is motivated by the summer program.

I'm sure you haven't done anything wrong!! They probably are just going through a stage where they have different interests right now. Always glad to hear from you, Trish!


Jen said...


Isn't it great to hear our beginning readers reading to our babies! Love it!


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