Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ice Cream Math and More...

In honor of National Ice Cream Month, we had to go out and celebrate with a big ice cream sundae- YUM! Then we came up with the idea to collect data about favorite ice cream flavors. We posted our project on Facebook and asked for people to tell us which flavor they like the best out of the following: chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. The response was awesome!
As the comments came rolling in throughout the day today, my girls tallied the results. Next, we found a great website where we typed in our data: Create a Graph.

We made a pie chart and a bar graph and discussed the graphs. Chocolate had the most votes, with vanilla second, and strawberry last. The girls may make their own pictograph chart tomorrow. We are hoping for more results to add to what we've collected thus far. Facebook was a great way to collect data from family and friends for this easy math project.

Other Ice Cream Themed Resources:
DLTK- Ice Cream Activities/Crafts Ice Cream Activities/Crafts
Make Patterns with Ice Cream
Ice Cream Logic Problem
Cone Crazy- Online Math Game- Multiplication

And just for fun and to encourage creativity, of course- have your kids create a brand "new" flavor of ice cream. What will they name it? Activity: Make an ad with a picture of their new creation! 

How about an ice cream taste test? Blind fold the kids and have them taste different ice cream flavors.  Using their sense of taste and smell, guess the ice cream flavor. I'd do this activity when ice cream is on sale. :)

What is your absolute favorite flavor of ice cream? I adore chocolate peanut butter! And whoever invented ice cream, I think you're a genius. : ) It brings me great joy.

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Happy National Ice Cream Eating Month!



Chels said...

Ice cream brings me joy as well!! I love pralines n' cream, any flavor with caramel in it, any flavor with p.b. in it, and lots more!!

Those are some really good activities for kids. What a creative way to get ice cream flavor data!

Thanks a lot for making me crave ice cream at 11 pm!

The Activity Mom said...

Awesome! So fun!

I linked up to you today and gave you a shout out about your baby times and your water idea!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Great blog! I found you through The Activity Mom.

Elise said...

I have just come over from The Activity Mom blog. I was interested to check out your baby times posts. I am happy that I stopped by and have discovered your blog. I am now your newest follower.

Creating your own flavour of ice cream sounds like fun and I imagine would involve a lot of taste testing to get it just right! My children would love to guess the flavours of ice cream just using their sense of taste.

Self Sagacity said...

That's creative Jen, I liked that you've already doing graphs with your kids. How brilliant.

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