Monday, July 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Home Sweet Home! or is it?  I think it's hard to come back from the beautiful mountains, hearing the birds in the morning and the crickets at night and a weekend with no worries- to my messy home and bills and worries, etc.  Oh well, home is where your loved ones are, right?  And it's important to be content where ever we are, so I'll quite moaning and be happy about being back.  :)

Well, here are a few highlights of our trip:

Little Man loved swimming in the lake and playing in the wet sand.  I could not believe that he didn't put it in his mouth.  He had the best time sitting in a little pool of water and playing.  Awesome sensory experience for him! 

Peanut had a blast swimming underwater in the lake.  She learned how to swim this year, so she was just thrilled.  We had fun building a sand castle together.  Also, she loves cards and kept asking me to play Go Fish all weekend.  I taught her how to play Uno as well.  A new favorite.

Sunshine- excited to find a new insect- a leaf hopper.  She named it Emily and wanted to bring her home, but we persuaded her to keep her in her habitat and that she would be happiest there. She also had fun on a new disk swing we attached to a tree outside our camp. 

Mom and Dad- had a little fun dancing in the kitchen and just being silly with the kids!

I'd post pics, but I can't find my camera's battery charger. (driving me batty not having my camera!) Need to get photos developed from my throw away camera and then I'll post. 

Overall- wonderful weekend. A few bug bites and no campfire due to rain, but good food and good times!

Enjoy your Monday! 


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