Friday, July 9, 2010

Martha Speaks Read Aloud Book Club

Martha speaks, Yeah she speaks, and she speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks.....

We love Martha in our household!  Before the show came out on PBS Kids, I truly enjoyed reading the first Martha book that shares how Martha the dog ate alphabet soup and became a non-stop talking dog. 

Therefore, my girls and I were pretty excited to find resources for a Martha Speaks Read-Aloud Book Club. These resources include weekly book suggestions, questions, activities, and book lists. We are going to start our very own family book club today.

The book club has the Martha theme and includes EVERYTHING DOG!  I have a lot of fun dog books to read to the girls (and little man) including the following:

When the Fly Flew In
by Lisa Westburg Peters
When the Fly Flew In . . .
What happens when a fly crosses path with this sleeping dog?

Wet Dog by Elise Broach
Wet Dog!
Poor Wet Dog- no one wants him around!  Until.....

If you decided to participate in the Martha Speaks Read- Aloud Book Club, let me know. To get started, just click on the link above. It looks like it is designed for a larger group of kids than just my two children, but I thought they'd still benefit from it if we do it as a family. I'd love to hear about your experiences with your children! 

For books about dogs- click here for an awesome book list!

Happy Summer Reading!



Gidget Girl Reading said...

we will be doing this my girls love dogs and the books they feature for the 6 weeks look so cute.

Gidget Girl Reading said...

I have an award for you at butterfly wishes and wonderland dreams said...

There are so many great dog books out there! My grandson just recently fell in love with one by a local writer, called Sammy the Wonder Dachshund. I thought it was wierd until I started reading it to him and saw how much he loved it! Enjoy your summer library days!

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