Monday, March 8, 2010

A Silly Slug Story!

Sally and Dave- A Slug Story written by Felice Arena was just simply delightful. The cover and title drew me in and I knew I had to check it out of the library. This silly story about two slugs and their different personalities also shares a message that no matter how different we are, we are special. My girls loved the story, not just because one of the characters are named after their father- he, he!

Here is a just a peek:

"Meet Sally. She is sensational at sports. She's sleek, slim, and simply stunning. Meet Sally's neighbor, Dave. He;s just a common fat slug."

Not only is this a cute story, but it's pages are filled with tongue twisters and lots of "S" sound words. This would be a great starting point to introduce tongue twisters or to supplement your letter unit. For science buffs, why not investigate slugs further. Even though I have two princess, they love slimy and crawly things and would love to learn more about them. My little man is too young, but it didn't stop me from sharing this story with him as well.


Fun with Tongue Twisters
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Slug Research
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Slip Sliming Away

Slug Diagram from Enchanted Learning

Sally and Dave Cartoons
Visit Sally and Dave's Blog

Hope you enjoy the story and activities if you choose to share them with your kids!


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