Saturday, April 25, 2009

Travel With Us to Africa!

Last week, we were in Australia studying Aboriginal art and Australian music. This week, we "flew" over the Indian Ocean and landed on the continent of Africa. So far, we learned about different types of African masks.

Sunshine designed her own animal mask based on the African Elephant.

She is also studying the Meerkat and started recording facts about this African creature. Aren't they cute?
She had fun learning about the Meerkat over at Animal Planet.
I made a little booklet for her to help her focus her research. So far she has found out about the meerkat's diet, anatomy, and predators. We also enjoyed reading a folk tale from Africa. Next week, we will be exploring African music.
We are so lucky that she has an awesome art and music program through her Cyberschool. Her meerkat project is enrichment that I had planned for her to correlate with her other studies. She explored a variety of African animals and chose her animal based on her own interests.

If you ever need suggestions on planning your own mini-research project with your kids, let me know! Also, there are so many ways to demonstrate learning through a variety of products. For example, poster, puppet show, mural, etc.

Have a great day!!



Allie said...

Very cool ! I traveled to Africa in 2004 and can't wait to do projects like this with my son.

Jen said...

How awesome that you have that experience to share with him! Where did you go in Africa?
I've never been there, but have had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona, Spain and Tokyo,Japan. My girls love hearing about my experiences.
Have a good day with your little sweetie! Love seeing him at work- he's so cute!


Lynnie said...

Sounds fascinating! I love the masks!

Preschool Playbook said...

This looks like such a great unit. I love the Meerkats on Animal Planet. Your daughter made a great mask too. Happy Birthday to her.

Your in PA right? Are you as hot as I am? Not ready for this.

Christy said...

Love it!

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