Thursday, April 23, 2009

5 Just for Fun

Last night I was thinking about some of the things that we've done or learned this week and decided to share our top 5 just for fun things that we did this week.

1. Walked on stilts.

2. Ate Astronaut icecream.

3. Learned that a Beaver's teeth never stop growing.

4. Played a game online about Meerkats and learned about this adorable, African creature.

5. Wrote Acrostic poems.

What is your top 5 Just for Fun??

Love to hear what you are up to in your homes!

Have a creative and fun day!



Caroline said...

New here...cute site and I do like the pink polkadots! Your top five sounds fun...ours? Ummmm...
1. bought a 3.00 pool at a garage sale (guess there was a hole in didn't mind!)
2. built a whole town of matchbox city
3. played polly pockets
4. listened to a c.d. of the farmer and the dell over and over and over again.
5. went to an Earth Day celebration at the park

Doesn't sound that exciting...but because I always have daycare kids here in our home..sometimes it is just nice to be together-alone!
Caroline *mommy of two (one with 2 front teeth out now and the other improving rapidly from Eczema!) yay...thank you God and his Zorbee probiotics. Finally...we sleep!

Jen said...

Caroline-Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your 5 things! Spending time with our kids is the most important whether it be playing polly pockets or listening to a special cd or eating Astronaut icecream!

Take Care!

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