Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Home Security

With summer right around the corner, I get a little bit nervous about the crime rate increasing. I don't think that I mentioned the problems that my neighbors and I have had in the past. Since living in my neighborhood, I have had my car stolen, have had graffiti sprayed on my garage numerous times, have seen possible drug interactions outside my window, and have had items stolen out of my car.

Our street is filled with lovely people, immigrants, and also elderly that enjoy being around my girls. Living in a house that is over 100 years old, we love the character, but not the crime that surrounds our home. Unfortunately, we are close to an area that is a nuisance to our community. I go back and forth between feeling safe and then not. At times I have thought about getting an ADT Security System, but have been concerned about the monthly costs. This has made me feel guilty- that I would risk my girls safety. Recently, I did have some security measures that are less expensive put in place. I'm constantly setting it off, though. That would be a major concern of mine- that I'd be calling the police and fire department daily, because I would forget to turn it off.

Do you have a Home Security System? Any opinion about ADT Security? If yes, have you ever had any mishaps with your kids and the system? Setting it off, etc. I'd love to hear your ideas and stories!

Take Care!

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