Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quick Craft!

Need a break from the housework? Take some time to do a little quick craft with the kids. This morning while I was cleaning the kitchen, I noticed two empty paper towel rolls and decided that I was going to use them to spend a little time with my children. Here is the quick craft that we did today-

Paper Towel roll Binoculars

Paper Towel roll, scissors, duct tape, string or yarn, and crayons, markers, or bingo dabbers to decorate

1. Cut the papertowel roll in half.
2. Decorate the two rolls. (We used bingo dabbers)
3. Connect the rolls on one end with duct tape- don't hide too much of your child's design.
4. Poke two holes in the side for yarn or string, etc.
5. Put around your child's neck and let the make believe begin!

Pretend you see wild animals in the jungle or go on another adventure! If you get a chance to do this, send me a pic. I'd love to see your little explorers!

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