Friday, August 15, 2008

Fine-motor Fun!

If I ever get a few moments away from the kids, one of my favorite places to browse is JoAnne Fabrics. This week, I was pricing some fabric for a mother's group craft when I came across some great $1 buys for the kids. A necklace craft with large beads jumped out at me, so I picked one out for both girls. At first glance, I thought that this craft didn't inspire much creativity to complete, but then I thought what a great way to continue to develop fine-motor skills!! (especially for Emmy who has tiny, tiny hands.)
There are two different types of skills that children need to complete both large and small developmental tasks. Fine-motor skills include skills that children do with their hands- such as cutting, writing, or the manipulation of small objects. Gross motor skills involve larger movements with the use of other parts of the body such as hopping, running, or bouncing a ball. There are fun ways to help our children develop both of these types of skills. For $1, the girls enjoyed beading and didn't even know that they were practicing an important skill!!

Fine Motor: Computer Games

Preschool Activities for Fine-Motor Skills

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