Thursday, August 14, 2008

Daddy time!!

I often use things around the house or the backyard to help nurture my children's curiosity and creativity. My husband on the other hand uses nature! He loves to take the girls in the wild, whether it be for a nature walk to search for deer or to investigate different animal tracks, an amphibian search in a near-by creek, or a day of fishing!! The outdoors can teach our children a lot about God's creation. Sometimes, I will follow up with a search online to answer any questions or to explore a snake they have a question about or I read books relating to nature to help support what my husband is teaching them when they are together.
Our girls have been camping, hiking, and fishing since they were babies. This summer, my oldest daughter was so excited to catch a 25 in. Catfish!! Little Sis' gets just as excited with the little blue gill that she catches- especially if she cast the line herself! Below are a couple of pics to share of my husband instilling his love for the great outdoors in our children!


Maren said...

Aren't dads the best? I love it when my hubby takes the girls fishing or camping. They love to hike with their dad, and I think it really is good for their self-esteems, and future relationships with the opposite sex:)

Jen said...

I agree! A friend of mine told me recently that when our daughters get older, their father should take them on a date and talk to them about how a young lady should be treated before they start dating boys. I thought that this was a neat idea! My four year old already told her father that she is taking him to the prom. Too cute! Thanks for visiting my blog! Jen

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