Saturday, February 11, 2012

Acrostic Poetry for Learning

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 An acrostic poem is a type of poem that uses a word vertically relating to a particular topic or theme.  Each phrase of the poem should relate to the original word.

This type of poem is a great way to start beginning writing, because it can be simple or complex.  Here's an example of a simple acrostic poem for the name Sally.

Always smiling
Loves dogs

Writing acrostic poetry can help students to think about new subject matter.  For example, my daughter wrote a poem about the Amazon River for Social Studies. What a creative way to learn!

The Amazon River
Amazingly long
Magnificent creatures
Animals by its side
Zig Zags through Brazil
Often Rains
Nile is slightly shorter

Radiant Water
Is the longest river in South America
Vacant is not in its vocabulary
Extraordinary People
Rarely Dry                                                   
By Sunshine (age 9)
My other daughter read a story about fireflies for Language Arts and was asked to write an acrostic poem about fireflies. She adores writing, so was excited to do this project.

Flashing green light
I think they are pretty
Raining all day, they think it's a pity
Everywhere they go, I see a light
Flashing so fiery, just like the night
Light glows like the moon
Yes, they are fireflies
By Peanut (age 7)
So what do you think- do I have two inspiring poets on my hands? Well, I thought I'd give it a shot with a different subject matter. So, presenting my Science poem about Magnets...


Magnetic force
Attracts iron and steel
Greece-origin of word
Never without its magnetic field
Earth- a large magnet
Two poles, north and south

Create an Acrostic poem online at Read,Write, Think!
What type of poetry do your kids like to write? 



Fairyluver said...

We did a poetry day last month and the kids loved it!! We did a couple of different kids but they really liked making a Bio poem, and we also did a 5w poem(who what where when why)
Here is my post link from our poetry break day..
I do believe you have some little poets in the making;)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love how you tied the facts about each concept into a poem.

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