Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hearts of Kindness

This Valentine's Day, teach your kids about the true meaning of love by having them do acts of kindness for others. Talk to your children about what it means to love others. Discuss ways that we can show others love.

Cut out 10 Valentine Hearts and write random acts on each heart. Here are some suggestions:

1. Do something kind for a neighbor.
2. Give an adult in your school a piece of chocolate and tell them why they are
3. Hug everyone in your family and tell them one thing that you love about them.
4. Call someone and tell them that you love them.
5. Pray for someone.
6. Make a homemade Valentine for a friend.
7. Do something kind for your sister.
8. Draw a picture for a neighbor.
9. Write a letter to someone you care about and send it in the mail.
10. Be kind to yourself- think about what makes you special!

Each day or every other day, have your child pick a heart and encourage them to do the act of kindness on the heart. Parents can also get involved by doing acts of kindness for others.

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