Monday, January 25, 2010

Dancing and Singing with Raffi

Oh, how my girls loved Raffi when they were little! It has been a long time since we've sang with him. Our days have been filled with Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift, and the Jonas Brothers, so I was excited to get our my dusty Raffi CD (Raffi: Baby Beluga ) out yesterday to play for the baby. My girls who are "way too cool" for Raffi, enjoyed sharing their old favorites with our new baby. He seemed to enjoy dancing in my arms and listening to the lyrics. It was great to see my girls laughing and dancing along as well.

Raffi video

Take Care,

1 comment:

Chels said...

I also listened to Raffi as a kid but it continued longer than your girls- no Hannah or Taylor to interfere! ☺
We have his Bananaphone CD and my kids love it!

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