Thursday, January 21, 2010

Create a Snow Person

Lately, we've been in survival mode taking care of a newborn and two older siblings, so the older children have been spending way too much time with their electronics. So when the baby was asleep the other day, I quickly threw together a quick creative craft- making snow people! The girls had a lot of fun and Mom and Dad decided to get our creative juices flowing as well. The kids also enjoyed spending this time with us.

To make snow people with your family, you will need the following:

White paper
A variety of craft materials
Circular containers to trace

Using different sized circular containers, trace 3 different sized circles. Cut out for younger children. Older children can cut out their circles.

Have your child glue the circles together to create a snowman.

Next, have your child use a variety of craft materials to decorate their snow person. Encourage creativity by brainstorming ideas for their snow person- ballerina, football player, mother, etc.

Peanuts Snowgirl with a fancy skirt and earrings. After finishing her Snow people, Peanut had fun playing with them. She has quite the imagination!

Sunshine's Hawaiian Snowgirl with a fancy fabric hat.

Sunshine enjoyed making this traditional Snowman!

Mom at work!

It's a Snowmommy!

Dad working hard at his creation!

Dad's Snowangel turned out great!

Have fun being creative with your family! For other snowman ideas and children's books about snow, visit these websites!

Best Winter Snowman Books
Teaching Heart- Snowmen Theme

Step by Step- Snowman

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Jo Shabo said...

cute snowmen!! I did a preschool playdate about snowmen.... you can check it out here:

thanks for sharing! ;)

Preschool Playbook said...

What beautiful snow people. It's great Dad joined in the fun.

So wonderful to hear from you--life's getting back to normal? (LOL!)

Take care

Wonder Mom said...

I love these snow people! Just fab!

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and following- I will gladly do the same! ;0)

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