Monday, February 8, 2010

Tooth Fairy Deals and Theories

A few days ago, Peanut lost her first tooth. How excited was she? Well, there were screams coming from the living room- loud, happy screams of joy!

As she prepared that evening for the tooth fairy, she realized that she wasn't ready to give up her tooth. So she asked me to compose a letter to the tooth fairy asking her if she'd like to take a seashell from her collection in exchange for her tooth- that she'd like her tooth and money. Funny! The next day, she was thrilled that the tooth fairy compromised. Listening to the kid's theories about the tooth fairy was a hoot as well.

Peanut: How does the tooth fairy get in?
Sunshine: Through the chimney.

Has the tooth fairy visited your house? Speaking of the tooth fairy, has anyone seen the movie yet and if so did you enjoy it?

Take Care!


1 comment:

Preschool Playbook said...

Out of all my children, only my last child lost his front two top teeth at the same time. It is actually so cute. He has this big space and can't say a single word that starts with s or th.

Take care.

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