Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Just Letting Loose!

We had a super, duper great game of charades going on in this household the other night!(Did I just say super, duper? I think one of my blogging buddy's language is rubbing off on me! You know who you are, The Queen of Pinkness!!)

Back to Charades!! See if you can guess what we were? I just had to grab the camera, because I was laughing so hard at the creativity of my husband! Look below- you'll see!!!

Here's a hint- We are marsupials that live in Australia.

Did you guess?? Answer: My husband is a Kangaroo and peanut is the joey!! (Probably funnier to me, but I was rolling on the floor with laughter when they started hopping around the living room!)

Hint: We live in the ocean!

Answer: An Octopus!!!Aren't we cute?? Ha, Ha!!!!

And the Grande Finale..........

The Statue of Liberty!!!

Okay, so that wasn't too wordless, which is surprising since I slammed my typing finger in the dryer this morning!! Don't laugh- it was 6:00am and I was still tired. (I'm totally just making an excuse!! Can't get any clumsier than me!!)

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!
(Thanks Punky Monkey for W.W!!)



ParentingPink said...

Oh, I love a good game of Charades! Great pics! HA!

April said...

Those were cute pictures. We haven't played that game in forever. Might be interesting with a 4 year old and a 2 year old. We'll have to try it when everyone in not sick anymore.

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