Monday, November 10, 2008

Alien Invasion!

I couldn't resist these little guys! They were staring at me one day while I was shopping at Target. Besides being such a deal, I knew that my girls would enjoy creating stories with these little alien guys. Boy was I right!
A couple of nights ago, my oldest daughter decided to write a script for a puppet show- staring their new puppets. My little one contributed her ideas, while Sunshine wrote the script. Here is a just a sample of their work:

The Monsters Have a Fight

Maddie the Cyclops
Mollie the Monster

Hey, Mollie, Let's go to the park. (My six year old's writing- hay Mollie lits go to the prek.)


Maddie: Molly, Please! ( Mollie ples)

That's all I can share out of respect for Sunshine. She got embarrassed when she saw that I wanted to share her ideas with the world!! It is so interesting to watch a child progress in the area of writing. I'm so glad that she will take this risk, even though all of the words aren't spelled correctly. I encourage fluency and the flow of ideas first and then editing for spelling and grammar. It was also encouraging to see her work so well with her younger sister and include her in this writing process. Even though her younger sister wasn't able to write the words, her ideas mattered, also. They are going to practice and perform their "Monster Mash" for Mommy and Dad!

Take Care!

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Jen said...

Sounds like your girls play well together -- that's how mine are too! Peanut and Sunshine are adorable!

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