Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Literature Links!

My new project is underway!! I am going to be putting more time into my Literature Links blog and wanted to be sure to share this resource with my Creative and Curious Kids followers. This is another resource for parents that will link creative thinking and learning ideas with literature. I'm going to try to post book reviews once a week. I will be using my new books for this site, so it will relate to books that I love through my business, but there will also be links to neat websites, craft ideas, and other resources. I'm only going to review books that I have personally read to my children or neices, nephews, etc. If you haven't been over there, please visit and let me know what you think. So far it only has 3 posts. Still a work in progress, but already packed with a lot of ideas! I posted a fun one today based on a book about a litle penguin titled- How Big is A Million? It includes fun websites, songs and poems, and craft fun all relating to penguins! Please stop over and comment.

Have a great day!!



ParentingPink said...

I checked out Literature Links and LOVE IT! Great job creating the new blog! I think many parents will find it fun and helpful in terms of finding great books for their children :-)

Glad you liked Madam President today. I think this is a truly wonderful book..maybe one day we'll see a female president :-)

Have a great weekend!

Jen said...

Parenting Pink:
Thanks for your support! My new blog does promote books from my new business, but they are books I love, so I'm not ashamed of sharing something great!! Also, I like linking my books to ideas that will help parents. So if they do decide to purchase a book or if they already own the book, they get ideas to go with it (literature links!) Have a great day and thanks again for Favorite Book Friday!!! I look forward to it!! Need to update my list- still want to read last weeks book!

ps. Go Pink for President!!! LOL
Someday, I believe we will see a woman president! Who knows maybe it will be one of our girls!

TMI said...

I added the link to Literature Links on my site for special needs kiddos. I hope that's ok. You should check out that site.... it's still under construction, but once it gets going, I've got some neat stories I'll be sharing!


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