Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Buried Treasure!

I had one of my first home shows last night where I had the opportunity to share all of the great books I've been bragging about the last couple of weeks. How much fun is it to share something so wonderful with other Mommies. I had a lot of fun meeting new people,too. Well, enough about me. While I was gone, my husband did a fun activity with the girls. (Actually from Usborne- free plug for me! Yeah!) It was a Pirate Kid Kit that came with a book about Pirates and an excavation kit. My 6 yr. old chose this as her prize for a Reading Incentive Program. The kit included buried treasure that the girls had to dig out of plaster. They had safety glasses and digging tools. My husband seemed to enjoy doing this activity with them, but said that it was messy. My response- it's not fun if it's not messy!!! I remember doing something similar but with dinosaur bones with Sunshine when she was three and she loved it. I couldn't believe that my hyper little one would actually sit still for the amount of time that she did to dig and dig to find miniature dino bones. She just loved it. After seeing that both of my girls were enthusiastic about their pirate adventure with Daddy, I decided to research if there was a way for me to make some of this stuff myself! Here's a neat website that I found that has recipe for making rocks to hold little treasures!

Dig and Play Treasure Rock

Fun, hands-on science!!

Happy Election Day!!



Unknown said...

Cool kit! I'm working on your post right now :) having computer issues

Preschool Playbook said...

These kits are the greatest. We have had quite a few over the years and each one brings lots of fun and excitement.

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