Friday, April 27, 2012

The Three Little Kitten Activities

The Three Little Kittens they lost their mittens and they began to cry... Who stole their mittens? Swiper the Fox! Okay, that was my version the other night when I was putting little man down to bed. He loved it, so the next day, I decided to share the "real" Three Little Kittens rhyme with him. He kept looking for the fox in the story. I had to explain to a two year old that only Mommy's story has Swiper the Fox. Don't worry, he enjoyed the activities that we did even without Swiper. I guess I could make a felt board Swiper character for him to add!

To act out the story, I made these little kitten along with felt little mittens attached to string. These cuties were found at Sweet Clip Art. These can be made into puppets with Popsicle sticks or used on a felt board.

For a matching game, I created these felt mittens.  So easy to make! 

Ideas across the Web..
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And of course you'll get hungry after doing all of these activities with your children, so you MUST have some pie!!



Mrs. Darling said...

You've got to make a Swiper. Your little one can save the kittens mittens by saying, "Swiper, no swiping."

Melanie said...

I'm hopping around all the blogs who visited me during the 5 Minutes for Mom blog party. Thanks for stopping by!

This is absolutely adorable! Such a neat way to tell a story.

OneMommy said...

What cute little kittens!

And, of course, you need pie! Yum!

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