Monday, April 30, 2012

Ant Observations

Pesky little ants!  They love to get into my kitchen this time of year.  For me, a pain, but for little man- pure excitement.  So the teacher in me had to turn my inconvenience into some learning fun. 
After catching our little subject, we put him in a small container to observe.  Here are a few of Little man's observations...

He's running around.
He's black.
He's cute.

Remember little man is only two, so I thought these were some pretty good observations.  Great discussion for language development.

We also made an ant with construction paper, counted the legs, talked about how the word ant started with the letter Aa and the different parts of an ant- such as the antennae and body.

Spell Outloud recently shared a wonderful ant activity post: Ant Activities and Ant Nature Journal. Stop by for more ideas!

Enjoy your Monday!

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