Friday, October 7, 2011

Dear America...

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Reading has been at an all time high lately, which makes Mom really smile!  Sunshine girl has been obsessed with the Dear America series and can't seem to put them down.  She even begs me for extra reading time in the evening. 

Recently,she started reading the Royal Diaries which she enjoys as well, but said were a little violent. For example, she read Cleopatra and told me how the father wanted to kill his other daughter and have her head put on a plate. Yeesh.  I felt bad letting my 9 year old read such, not knowing that this would be present in the book.  She seemed to handle it well and it opened up discussion about brutality in history and barbaric times. 

The Dear America books do have tough topics in them as well.  There is a lot of death due to disease, etc. but we discuss the time period and how times have changed medically due to vaccinations etc. Sunshine said that it doesn't bother her as much due to the fact that it is natural, although sad. 

I wanted to share these books with my readers if you have older kids, because I think it is a fun way to learn about history.  But just be aware that there are topics that may not be appropriate for younger children and should be based on the maturity of the child.

Enjoy your day!  

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