Friday, April 16, 2010

Party Favor: Pixie Flowers

I'd love to take credit for this adorable idea, but I have to admit that I found it in Family Fun Magazine. This favor was oh so simple and very inexpensive. The $ store came in handy again!

*silk flowers (depending on the number of guests invited will depend how many bunches you will need. They were $1 a bunch.)
*pixie stick candy ($1 a bag- more than enough)

1. Cut individual flowers from the bunch of silk flowers.

2. Tape a pixie stick to the stem of the flower.

3. Optional- add ribbon or a thank you or name tag to the flower.

As you can see in the above basket(top), you can use the favors as decoration until handing out at the end of the party.

Oh how I love that family fun magazine!

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Wonder Mom said...

Oh how I love Family Fun too! Great job with that party favor!!!

Over the Mountain Mommy said...

That is so cute! Family Fun is one of my faves. :)

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