Monday, October 6, 2008

Gifts in a Jar

Oh, how much fun it would be to make homemade gifts in the jar with the kids for the holidays! The Household Helper offers a great e-book for an affordable price. It includes recipes such as Apple Cake in a Jar and Instant Cappuccino Mix.
Click below on Great Gifts in a Jar for more details!

Homemade Gifts In A Jar

I've made these as gifts before and they were very easy to make. Also, it is great idea for a craft for a mother's group or as I mentioned above to do with the kids! Creating something together while teaching the gift of giving!

Now I'm hungry after writing this post and it's almost midnight- not the best time for snacking!!LOL


1 comment:

ParentingPink said...

I love making cute & "yummy" recipes in a jar - especially at Christmas time. We usually make some for our neighbors - I'll have to check out this e-book! Looks great!

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