Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Simple Valentine Craft

Today we made this cute little love bug with just a few materials.
Red card stock
Pink Construction Paper
Toilet Paper Roll
Bendy Straw
Glue and Tape
Directions:  First I measured my red paper to fit around the toilet paper roll and then cut to fit.  Next, I cut out a large red heart and two pink smaller hearts- one for the head and one a little bit larger to fit inside the red heart.
Now it is ready for the little ones to get to work.
1. Have your child put glue on the red rectangle.  Help your little one glue it around the toilet paper roll.  Tape to secure.
2.  Now instruct your child to glue the pink heart on the red heart.  Next, glue onto the back of the roll.
3.  Next, glue the smaller pink heart for a head.  I added a face.  Depending on the age of the child, they may want to try to draw the face themselves. 
4.  Cut bendy straws and help your child tape them inside the tube. 
Optional:  add more small hearts to the bugs body or legs.  Also,  can use heart stickers.
The little one that I babysit is 18 months.  She hugged her bug when it was finished.  So cute!
Before or after the craft, read the adorable book- You're My Little Love Bug.
Our version lights up and plays music.  My little man loves it. (a gift from Momma last Valentine's Day!)

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