Thursday, January 31, 2013

Creative Valentine Critters

One of my favorite creative Valentine activities to do with my children when they were younger was to make little critters with different sized and colored hearts. My big girls would probably still enjoy this activity today.

Here are some of their creations from the past.  They even decorated a pink tree one year with their adorable animals!  This idea originally came from Preschool Playbook and I posted about it.. here.

I wanted to share the idea with you again, because today I came across a video that would supplement this activity perfectly!  Below you will see just a preview of this digital picture book.  The full book can be purchased for just $3 at TPT store. (which I just purchased because little man loved the preview.. it is really cute.  We must have played it 3 times in a row)

To inspire creativity, my suggestion would be to show just part of the book before creating creatures and then sharing the rest of the book after creatures have been created.  This gives your child or student a chance to create their own unique ideas.  (unless your 3 year old begs you and drives you nutty, so you show him the whole thing! Ha!)

Happy Valentine's....

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