Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Turkey Activities


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and although our focus is on being grateful for our many blessings, turkey crafts are just too fun to pass up! 
Here are some activities that we have been enjoying this year or in years past.  Maybe you'll find something fun for your little one!

Funny Turkey printout from DLTK- Thanksgiving Poems and Songs
After printing out our turkeys and reading the poem, the kids colored their turkeys with marker and then glued on colorful feathers.

Silly Turkey Activity on
After creating a cute little turkey online, we printed out an activity.  I asked little man about his favorite book and then wrote it for him.  Next, we read over his paper together pointing at each word.

Turkey Book Suggestions, activities, and free printable at The Activity Mom
Be sure to stop by to read my most recent post and print out a free printable to be used with Five Silly Turkeys or 10 Fat Turkeys!  The kids enjoyed both of these Thanksgiving stories.

Hand print activity and poem from Mrs. Nelson's Class.   Great little gift for Grandparents!
Poem: This isn't just a turkey. As anyone can see. I made it with my hand, Which is a part of me. It's made with lots of love, Especially to say. I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Turkey posts from the past....

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Any fun turkey activities you are doing or have done in the past?  Let me know!


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