Monday, November 21, 2011

Write a Turkey Tale!

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As you stuff the turkey and prepare the Thanksgiving goodies, why not give your kids a fun activity to keep them entertained?  Here are 10 creative story starters for your kiddos or they can create their own ideas!

1. The turkeys were restless the week before Thanksgiving

2. Once upon a time, there was a turkey who never...

3. On Thanksgiving, my family...

4. There were turkeys feathers everywhere, but no turkey in the barn...

5. My favorite Thanksgiving memory is..

6. On the first Thanksgiving, the children were playing in the woods when..

7. My grandmother was cooking the turkey when all of a sudden..

8. The turkey dressed as a pilgrim and cleverly fooled the people.

9.  Thanksgiving morning, I looked out the window and saw...

10. The Thanksgiving parade was so much fun, we saw....

Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your families!
Many blessings,


Christy Killoran said...

Great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

My 10 year old daughter loves to write and at school they have to expand on a story starter. Required is at least 2 paragraphs. The last one she wrote was 7 pages full!!
These are great story starters you've shared... thanks.

Alissa @ Creative With Kids said...

These are fun, thanks for the list :)

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