Friday, November 4, 2011

November Sensory Bin and Leaf Play!

I just love the dollar store.  I found these silk leaves there, as well as the fake gourds/pumpkins.  It was very easy to change over my Spooky bin from October to our November fall bin.  Little man loves the silk leaves and really has been enjoying the sensory bins that I've been making for him.  Often, I catch the older girls playing in the bins as well- which is pretty cool.

Here are a few or more ideas for silk leaves....

*Toss them around the room for indoor fall play.


*Sorting- green and orange.

*Create math problems.  (Sally picked up 5 leaves, but 2 blew away in the wind.  How many does she have now?)  Use the leaves as manipulatives to solve the math problem.

*Beginning multiplication.  3 groups of 4 leaves= 4x3=12  Use the leaves as manipulatives to count groups.

*I think I've seen letters written on the leaves with permanent marker.  This would be fun during the fall months for ABC practice or spelling practice. (if you have extra leaves for more letters)

*Create a thankful tree.  After sharing what you are thankful for, add a leaf to the tree each day. 

Okay, your turn!  What are your ideas for these wonderful $ tree leaves??

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Christy Killoran said...

Love this!!! Great ideas.

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