Thursday, June 28, 2012

Letter Dd Activities: Day 2

During our Dd days, we decided to visit a duck pond. I'm not much of a photographer, but was happy with the photo I got of this handsome fella above.

Dd is for Duck Activities
-waddle like a duck...quack, quack
-if your not afraid like little man.. chase ducks (he, he)
-water play with rubber duckies
-count the rubber ducks
-sing duck songs.  Here's a fun one from Boowa and Kwala. More songs and fingerplays can be found at ChildFun.
-make a craft- have your child paint a paper plate yellow, cut out a duck shape for your child.  Have them glue on a premade beak and google eyes.  Glue on yellow feather for wings.


More duck activities can be found at...

Happy Learning and Creating!



OneMommy said...

What cute duck activities!

We love the 10 Little Ducks book!

Unknown said...

Don't forget the "Ten Little Ducks" song by Raffi--my kiddos used to love that one. :)

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