Monday, June 25, 2012

Letter Dd Activities

Recently, we spent a couple of days on the letter Dd! 

Dd is a fun letter, because there are many activities that can be incorporated.  We learned about dogs and ducks.  I also have some activities for dragons, but we didn't get a chance to do them yet. 

We started out the letter Dd with a d mini book and our Dd discovery bag.

Dd is for dog...
There are so many fun books that focus on dogs or have dogs as a main character.  We read the following books..

Activity 1- I drew dog on white paper and cut out different colored circles.  Little man glued the colored circles on dog.  We talked about the different colors and the actions in the story. You can find more activities to go with this book at

Activity 2- I created colorful bones from construction paper and laminated them. 
- match the colors, identify the colors
- count the bones
-hide the bones

Activity 3- Sing A Doggy with a Bone (Tune of "If you're happy and you know it.) Pretend to be a dog.

More literature..

My recent find at our local library... Dog's ABC.  I didn't know that Dog had more than one book!  Fun find. 

We also read  Go, Dog. Go!
This is one of little man's favorite books! I loved this classic as a child as well. With great repetition, this fun book teaches kids colors, begining site words, opposites, and more!

And one last book suggestion.  Do you recognize these characters?  

If you are reading books about dogs, you can't forget about Mudge!

Stay tuned for Dd is for duck activities!


Mommy's Always Write said...

These are such creative ideas! We have the Dog's Colorful Day book too, and I didn't realize that Dog had any other books either! I will have to check the other one out! Stopping by from SITS.

Amy @ BabyBabyLemon said...

This is a super cute idea!

stopping by from SITS

Winter Redd said...

Jen, these activities look great! That was a smart idea to have a day of activities based on a letter.

Stopping by from The SITS Girls!

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