Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zoo Activities: Day 2

Yesterday little man made this zoo scene!  Isn't it cute?

Materials: $1 pack of stickers, file folder, sharpie marker

I drew the little fence and wrote the word zoo.  Little man put the stickers on the folder one by one.  As he put them on, we talked about the animal and the letter that the animal began with.  Next, if he found another animal that started with the same letter sound, he would stick that animal next to it. For example, Tt is for tiger, turtle, and toucan.  This was great for language development and talking about letter sounds.  As well as fine motor and decision making. He was very proud of his zoo! 

I have two more sheets of the same stickers left, so I'm thinking about making a game with them.  Any ideas for the leftover stickers? 

Today we read Animal Snackers by Betsy Lewin.

We enjoyed learning about what different animals eat. A gorilla, a koala, an anteater, too! Great illustrations and poetic rhyme.
Looking forward to our zoo trip!  Thinking about creating an A to Z scavenger hunt to do as a family or something similar.  I like this scavenger hunt from Scholastic, too.

For more zoo fun, read yesterday's post..Zoo, Zoo, Zoo.
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