Friday, May 18, 2012

Museum Sensory Play

Look at the size of this sensory bin?  AWESOMENESS!! 

I was just a little excited to come across this at our most recent museums visit.  There were plastic lizards, dinosaurs,snakes, frogs, and insects galore!  Silk flowers, leaves, rocks, and sea shells, too. 

Little man and I decided to sort bugs and create a display.  We added rocks and leaves.  He enjoyed talking about the different bugs that he found and placing them in our little creature collage.  I think he could have played here all day if his big sisters would have let him. 

Peanut (age 8) decided to categorize things that are green for her collection.
Sunshine chose frogs as her collection theme!

After completing their collections, they labeled a card and displayed them on the musuem shelf.

I liked the idea how everything was mixed together and the kids could sort and categorize based on their interests!  So many possibilities! 


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