Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun IKEA finds!

Oh, today was such a busy day!  The kids were up bright and early riding their bikes, playing in puddles, observing construction, and painting rocks! Little man even managed to fit in some water play time as well.  Later in the day, Sunshine decided to go hiking with her father in the woods.  They were setting up a ground blind to spy on wildlife.  Peanut asked if I'd take her to Ikea, even though I was tired, I let her twist my arm!  So it was me, Peanut, and Little Man for a night out at Ikea.  First we ate in the cafe- free for the kids- (bonus!) and then Sunshine played while Little Man and I shopped.  I was happy to find a couple of neat items for the kiddos!

For little man! Only 5.99!

And for the big girls.....
Pyslla Beads

Shapes for the beads!
After the girls create, next we put wax paper over the beads and iron.  The beads stick together and then come off of the shape. Now they can keep their creation- very cool!

And by the way, the rug at the top of the post- will be going in our learning room- woo hoo!  Once I go back to Ikea and buy it, that is. (very affordable in my opinion- did my research)  I also wanted to show Sunshine first and she loves it, too.  The mouse and bear remind me of story book characters. 

Find any neat and enriching toys for your kids lately? Be sure to share your fun finds.


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Crisc said...

I love love love Ikea..Great finds!

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