Thursday, August 4, 2011

Construction Vehicles AND Bees?

Little man has been way into construction vehicles lately, reading books over and over again.  He calls them car-cars.  Anyways, this morning I heard construction vehicles in my alley and knew he would be sooo excited to get a front seat view of the action.  When he woke up, we put on his hard hat and ventured outside.  I was right- he was really excited to see his favorite trucks outside.  The workers even beeped at him and waved.  We were outside not 5 minutes when I got stung by a bee. It seemed like he came out of nowhere.  You'll never guess where it stung me!  The little part of skin right between my nostrils.  Oh my goodness, the pain!  So as I type, my nose and top of my lip is swollen.  Don't worry, it is okay to laugh.  Even though it hurt like a ...... you fill in the blanks (this is a family friendly blog), it is pretty funny!!! 

Don't let them fool you!  There not as cute as they look!

I hope you have a pain-free day and that my day gets better!



Rachel said...

Good for you to take them to see the vehicles! I spent yesterday morning watching them with my kiddos in the front yard. :)

Hope your bee sting gets better. Quickly.


Crisc said...

O man I couldnt imagine! I'm allergic to them so I could just imagine what my face would look

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