Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Toddler Times: 4th Edition- Alphabet Board

Welcome back to The Toddler Times! This week, I had fun making an alphabet board for Little Man.  Usually I display both the capital letter with the lower case, but I loved the fun pictures on these flash cards.  Therefore, this learning board only has capital letters showcased. 

Little man loves it!  He points to the letters and pictures and wants me to talk to him about them.  We also use it to sing the ABC song.

Would you like to make your own ABC board? 
1 large piece of cardboard (found this one at ALDI)
1 piece of colorful posterboard
1 set of ABC flash cards (from $ tree)

1. Staple the posterboard around the (I folded it around like wrapping paper.)
2. Glue gun the ABC cards onto the board- I started from the bottom up, so if I ran out of room, the cards could just stick out the top. 

Total Cost: $1.50

I hope that you enjoy your Tuesday! 

1 comment:

Kristen said...

love this idea...we'll make one of these this week! I pick up flash cards every time I am in the $ store, but sometimes, forget why or what I had initially planned to do with them. Velcro would even work and they can hand me their card...love your ideas Jen!!!

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