Sunday, August 15, 2010

Swagbucks, anyone?

Search & Win
This post doesn't have much to do with being creative or curious, although I was curious about swagbucks and so I joined.  And I'm curious if any of you have joined?  If so, what cool things have you purchased with your swagbucks?  Also, if you are curious like me- check out swagbucks here and if you join guess what- i get more swagbucks!  This is all new to me, so we'll see how I do with it.  From what I understand, you can earn swagbucks from using their search engine.  I usually use google, but I'm going to try it out.  I love freebies! 

Let me know you thoughts.


Disclosure- I wasn't given anything to write this post, although I can earn swagbucks if I refer my readers. 

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