Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Baby Times! 16th Edition: Newspaper Play

Welcome back to The Baby Times! I hope that you are enjoying this weekly post. 

Oh no! Mom caught me!!
Newspaper play? You might be wondering why in the world I would let my child play with newspaper. Well,Little Man discovered it the other day and was having so much fun exploring.  Not the best thing to be playing with, but a neat sensory activity for touch and sound.  Just be sure that baby doesn't use his sense of taste and take a bite!  My suggestion would be to crunch some newpaper at your baby's feet and let them kick away.  Take a peek a Little Man in the video and see how much fun he is having with his new discovery!

Enjoy your day playing with baby!

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Sandy said...

What could be more fun for a baby?! He's such a cutie!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I loved it when he kicked his legs like he got all excited. That's a cute video and a very fun activity that I wish I had thought of when my little monkey was still rolling around.

Unknown said...

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