Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Cleaning Day!

I'd love to play on the computer all day in between taking care of baby, because I do love posting ideas and reading all of your wonderful blogs, but my house is falling apart.  Yesterday, a neighbor came over to talk.  Embarrassed, I moved the unfolded laundry aside and pointed out where my baby was lying lost in the toy clutter.  The kids dirty dishes on the table, I could just cry.  So I humbled myself and listened as a neighbor needed me, hoping she would just ignore the mess surrounding us.  To make a long story short, I'm going to focus on my house today, because I haven't been motivated to keep up with it lately and now it is time.  Today is the time- Today is Cleaning Day!  Before I clean, I'll let you be a fly on the wall in my home.  Here's what's been going on in the Creative and Curious Kids household this week!

Peanut- sick- missed a day of school
Sunshine- sick- missed two days of school and has needed breathing treatments for asthma
Little Man- he's coughing as well and keeping us up at night, also starting to teeth
Mom- root canal on Tuesday- yippee!  lol
Dad- working overtime to pay for our root canals.  He had his last week! :(

Okay- now on a more positive note- the fun going on here-

Books- reading The Cabin Faced West to the kiddos
Peanut- reading a bunch of easy readers to practice her beginning reading
Sunshine- reading her second book from series - Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Little man- reading his favorite baby books  to him and singing rhymes, he found his toes and having fun playing with them on the floor as he rolls around :)

Computer-researching Alabama, Texas, and Colorado (3 postcards we got this week), playing
Webkinz and PBS kids

DS time- brain age, fashion game, and Nintendo dogs

Creative time- creating a museum with state artifacts based on states research, using imagination to play fashion divas, spy, and waitress.  Pet shop play. Color Fillz- Mosaic Art clay project

Outdoor time- Captain midnight, running, and hula hoop with neighborhood kids (I counted 10 in my yard last night) That's a lot of kiddos! 

Well, enjoy your day!  Time for me to get moving!!



Unknown said...

Oh, I can SO relate to the need of a cleaning day...good luck on your quest!

Chels said...

I understand completely. Good luck and have as much fun as you can cleaning! Sorry to hear about sickness and root canals-- yuck! Have a fantastic and productive week.

Bobbi & Noe said...

Ugh! Alright I'll go clean...Boo!

I was totally embarrassed when my in-laws came over unexpected. They never come over!

A hamster?! That is awesome. It's going to be so much they are easier to take care of then a dog...just in case the little ones don't help out everyonce in awhile.

Preschool Playbook said...

Oh my goodness. If I was having a root canal, I don't think I'd be thinking of my house either. I've never had one, but fear them. I know irrational, but hey what are you gonna do?


very ironic--my word I have to verify almost looks like dirty!

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