Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Princess!

We had so much fun dressing up our snow girl today!! My girls have been dying to get out to build a snowman, but the weather has been way tooo cold! The weather today was just right and the snow was Perfect for building. Being we had so much fun, I'd love to challenge you to create a unique snowman or girl with your creative kids!! So, I'm going to have a creative contest!! Here are the guidelines:

Contest Guidelines

1. Take a photo of your snowman or girl or creature.
2. Post it on your blog. (If you don't have a blog, but would like to participate, let me know!)
3. Link back to me and I will give linky love back to you!!
4. For extra entries, be sure to do the following: subscribe to Creative and Curious Kids or Put my site on your blog roll!!

The winner will be chosen randomly and will get to choose a book of their choosing from my Usborne website. (Up to a $15 value)
Contests ends on January 31st!

Have fun being creative with your kids! I hope that you will participate; I can't wait to see your photos!!

Have a great day!!



ParentingPink said...

I would LOVE to participate in your awesome contest -but there is one small problem...we don't have any snow here! Hopefully we'll get our first snow of the year soon though!

The girls look like they are having fun - what a great job they did on the snowman! Love all the "girly" pink!

Doublebanker said...

Still waiting for another snow for the contest...we got luck here with only about an inch of snow.

The Blonde Duck said...

I found your blog on Jenni's and had to say hi! I love the premise!

Lynnie said...

Well, we posted some snow critters to enter your lovely contest! They don't come close to the ones your little princesses made, though! Hope you're enjoying winter!

The Mom said...

No snow in central CA, it's been in the 70's for a week. ;)

Kristen Andrews said...

those are really really cute!

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