Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ll is for lion...

Sometimes the cutest ideas are the ones thrown together at the last minute, like this lion craft. The kids loved how their lions turned out.  We did this craft for our letter Ll day.  Very easy.. all you need is a paper plate, construction paper, glue and a marker.  I used a pink streamer for the tongue but you could use pink construction paper or felt. 


You can help them put the glue around the rim and then press the strips onto the plate or they can glue each individually.  It would depend on your child's attention span.  Also, I cut the strips ahead of time, but an older child may enjoy cutting their own.

More Ll fun...
I taught them the Ll sound and we sang a La La lion chant to help them with the sound as well.  Also, we went on an Ll hunt.  I made 5 lowercase and 5 upper case Ll's with construction paper and hid them around the room. 

Enjoy creating and learning with your little ones!

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I'll Love You Forever said...

How fun! Love that it was a last minute idea, too. My little man's fav movie is Lion King so we will have to make these. He will love it!

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