Wednesday, December 12, 2012

10 Hershey Kiss Activities

Hershey Kisses.. bring back many childhood memories for me!  I've shared our kiss wreath  ornaments on here before, but I thought it would be fun to see what other memories families are creating with this sweet little treat. 

                              #1     Hershey Kiss Matching Game
    from It's Written on the Walls
                                     Hershey Kiss Christmas Mice from The Crafty Crystal

                                               Hershey Kiss Gnomes from An Inch of Gray

                                       Hershey Kiss Angels by Free Fun Christmas

                                     Christmas Tree Tutorial from Qbees Quest

                      Hershey Kiss Advent Calendar from That Bald Chick

Fun Crafts from Hershey's

Kissle Toe from Hershey's

                                          Kisses Printable from Amanda's Parties to Go

                             Hershey Kiss Ornaments from Creative and Curious Kids!

So many creative ideas!
Which craft/activity is your favorite? 

1 comment:

OneMommy said...

I love the little mice and the angels!

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