Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Punk Rocker, a Witch, and a Pumpkin?

Sunshine age 10

Peanut age 8

Pumpkin age 2
Oh and I almost forgot about Spider Web girl?  or should I say Momma!
Last Saturday, we had fun dressing up for a Halloween parade. Sunshine even won third place in her age group for her punk costume. 
The Spider Web eyes idea.. not my own... found it on Pinterest and had to try it. Here's the pic that I found and printed out to help me decorate around my eyes.

I love the fun and creativity of Halloween...  a little bit spooky.. okay, but gore or evil.. not my thing for sure! My kids complain that my Halloween decorations are too cute!

Enjoy your Halloween adventures!


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Robyn... Pen Pals and Picture Books said...

Love the costumes! Halloween is great fun... also hard work to get everyone ready and happy (at least I think so) my seven year old has been particularly demanding about his costume this year... We'll see tomorrow if I've done things to his liking. ;) LOVE the spider lady! You look terrific! OH and kudos on the no electronics for a week- I really should do that for our family.

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