Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hh is for Hippo....

Isn't this hippo adorable? I saw this craft from DLTK and just had to have an Hh day with little man.  Plus he has really been into hippos lately since he got a super cute hippo bath set for Christmas. 

We actually only made the face, because the bottom didn't print for me for some reason. 

I also found a cute hippo song to sing from the same site.

Peanut also decided to join in on the fun and sang this song to little man...

I can spell cat..  C-A-T
I can spell hat...  H-A-T
I can spell bat... B-A-T
But I can't spell hippopotamus!!
Hippo mini- poster: And then I search online for actual pics of hippos on google images and let little man pic out his favorite images.  I printed and cut them out or him and he glued them on to paper.  Hh is for hippo is in the center of our mini-poster. 

Other activities we did we Hh-
bingo dabber letter
Hh is for happy- If your happy and your know it, clap your hands....

And here is the bath toy, he's been enjoying.  It has also been great for color recognition- hand Momma the yellow hippo, etc. or what color is that hippo? 

Bruin Whistling Hippo Bath Toys

Wish I had taken a trip to the library before doing an Hh day, but sometimes I'm just throwing things together at the last minute based on his interest that day.  Anyways- these books look adorable for a Hippo day.....

Disclaimer: I didn't receive any compensation for mentioning the above product.  It is my son's toy and he loves it, but other toddlers may not!  Also, haven't read the above books, but would like to in the near future.  :)

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